A little bit about us.

Solaris Media is a UK company based in the heart of surrey.

We make awesome content for what ever you desire. Social media video to demonstrate your business? No problem. Maybe you have a event coming up, a party, product showcase or a concert you want filmed. We got you covered. Striving to make the most engaging content to leave you and the viewer satisfied. 




What we aim for

  • First and foremost, excellent costumer service. Cliché I know but its important. YOU the client are what matters most. Without you, there is no us ;(

  • Quality Content Which should be standard for any production company. But here, we really do mean it. Your ideas or ours, we strive to make sure what we give you is more then you asked for and your hard earned money is put to good use.  

  • A Quick turn around. We don't want to keep you waiting. Nobody likes waiting.  Dedicated to get your project done quick so you can soon see a return of your investment. 

  • Big Budget look, without the big budget. Investing in a video for you business shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. With todays technology, a small budget does not equal low quality. There is no need for 10 people or even 5 to make a video. We want our video services to available to anyone. We understand that not every idea can be executed on a small budget, but we will absolutely try and make your idea a well invested reality. 



We have to convince you somehow.

  • Firstly, video is an excellent way for people to quickly understand your 

    business, and make you stand out from the competition! 
  • Online Advertising! Having a top class video made for you to advertise online is a great way to boost sales and grab attention.
  • Video has proven time and time to be a great ROI (Return On Investment) 
  • Videos engage the laziest of buyers. What we mean by that is most people now days are using a their mobile to browse social media, shop and watch videos. People are much more likely to watch a video then read all about your business. Lure them in with an exciting video!
  • Maybe this has nothing to with business. You might want to record an event you can show to everyone! Or a moment you can cherish forever.
  • There's a reason for everyone to invest in a video with Solaris Media.